Introducing GatsbyJS

Overview There is a new modern web development architecture in town called the JAMstack. It is based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt markup. GatsbyJS embraces this philosophy by creating blazing-fast and secure apps and sites using modern technologies like React and GraphQL. In this article, we are going to build a complete modern… Continue reading Introducing GatsbyJS

Learning the Angular CLI

Exploring the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) Installing the CLI sudo npm install -g @angular/cli ng –version Using the CLI ng –help ng build –help Creating New Angular Projects The ng new command ng new app-name New project generation options ng new –help ng new app-name –routing ng new app-name –style=scss –routing –dry-run ng new… Continue reading Learning the Angular CLI

What’s New in React 16

Introduction Facebook recently announced the release of React 16, a complete rewrite of the React library. The new core architecture, code-named Fiber, keeps most of the API intact and backward compatible, so you can update existing apps without running into issues. Fiber introduces lots of new highly anticipated features and improvements to React. This blog… Continue reading What’s New in React 16

Asynchronous Programming – The End of The Loop

To become an effective JavaScript programmer, it is important for a developer to learn how to develop and maintain asynchronous programs. JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language due to which applications written in JavaScript must use async APIs to stay responsive to user inputs while performing long-running tasks such as making a request for data… Continue reading Asynchronous Programming – The End of The Loop

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