My Learning’s

I like to sharpen my current skills and master new ones to stay on top of new tools and latest web technologies. I will be posting updates over here of what I am currently learning. Links to either GitHub repositories or hosted applications will be posted as and when they are available.

Web Design

  1. Angular: Material Design (In Progress)
    • Topics Covered
      • What is Material Design?
      • Installed & Configured Material Design
      • Working with Layouts (Adding sidenav, showing data with cards, separating pages with tabs & working with grid layouts)
      • Working with Forms (Inputs, checkboxes, and radio buttons; Buttons and fabs; Icons; Dialogs; Snackbars and tooltips)
      • Theming (Selecting colors and building a color scheme)
  2. CSS: Advanced Layouts with Grid (In Progress)
    • Topics Covered
      • Deep dive into CSS Grid to create true responsive, two-dimensional grid layout’s using pure CSS.
      • CSS Grid Layout Module Specification
      • Best practices for planning and executing CSS Grid Layouts in production
      • Building full bleed layouts, multi-column layouts, card layouts, nested layouts, and interactive off canvas menus


  1. What’s New in React 16.
  2. Single Page Applications with Vue.js (In Progress)
    • Topics Covered
    • Creating a Build Process
    • Single File Components
    • Routing and Communicating with API
    • State Management
    • Server-Side Rendering
    • Testing and Deploying Application
  3. Angular 2+: Creating CRUD Apps
  4. Learning App Building with Vanilla JavaScript
  5. Vue.js: Building an Interface
  6. Angular: Animations
  7. Learning ECMAScript 6