ES2015 – Destructuring

When we declare variables with var, let and const we typically also want to initialize the variable by assigning a value. One of the new features of ES6 is the ability to use a destructuring assignment. Destructuring is an operation you might have seen in other languages like Python or Ruby. The destructuring operation allows… Continue reading ES2015 – Destructuring

ES2015 – Using const

The const keyword is another addition in ECMAScript 6 (ES6). This one can be a bit confusing depending on the tools you were using only because const has been around not as part of any official ES language specification but the V8 Engine has recognized a const keyword for sometime so you might have seen… Continue reading ES2015 – Using const

ES2015 – Using let

The first new feature we will look at is a new keyword in JavaScript, the let keyword. let allows us to define variables. We always had the ability to define variables in JavaScript and we have done this with the var keyword. However, the var keyword has some limitations when it comes to scope. The… Continue reading ES2015 – Using let