What’s New in React 16

Introduction Facebook recently announced the release of React 16, a complete rewrite of the React library. The new core architecture, code-named Fiber, keeps most of the API intact and backward compatible, so you can update existing apps without running into issues. Fiber introduces lots of new highly anticipated features and improvements to React. This blog… Continue reading What’s New in React 16

React – Readings

Tutorials Lessons from Discord about migrating a large code base to React 16 Scaling React Server-Side Rendering How to fix your React App when it secretly hates your Setting up Webpack, Babel and React from scratch, revisited Code React Native Offline Toolbelt React Content Loader Marvin


In this post I will talk about Webpack a very popular build tool in the React community. Now if you are used to tools like Grunt or Gulp you can think of Webpack as being something similar. Now Grunt and Gulp are general purpose task runners. So they can technically do what Webpack can do… Continue reading Webpack

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React Life Cycle

This post covers some of the key concepts in React – props, state and keys. Then I will talk about React’s multiple life cycle functions which give us hooks for initializing our components and attaching behaviors at specific points in time. Data for a given React component is held in two places, props and state.… Continue reading React Life Cycle