My Learning’s

I like to sharpen my current skills and master new ones to stay on top of new tools and latest web technologies. I will be posting updates over here of what I am currently learning. Links to either GitHub repositories or hosted applications will be posted as and when they are available.

  • Angular Fundamentals
  • What’s New in React 16
  • Angular Component Communication – Communicating with a Template (Binding, Getters & Setters), ViewChild and ViewChildren, Communicating with a Child Component, Communicating with a Parent Component, Communicating Through a Service, Communicating Through a State Management Service, Communicating Through Service Notifications & Communicating Using the Router.
  • Building Angular and Node Apps with Authentication
  • Building Apps with AngularFire 2
  • Angular: Material Design
  • Angular: Animations
  • Angular 2+: Creating CRUD Apps
  • Single Page Applications with Vue.js
  • Vue.js: Building an Interface
  • Learning ECMAScript 6
  • Learning App Building with Vanilla JavaScript
  • CSS: Advanced Layouts with Grid