CSS Frameworks

What is a CSS Framework?

A CSS framework is a collection of CSS files that contain a set of simple CSS-styles such as basic typographic rules, grid-based/general layouts, basic form styling and resets.

Advantages of CSS Frameworks

  • CSS Framework enables developers to rapidly prototype designs
  • Standardizes the organizational structure of your website
  • Web Developers don’t have to worry about browser-compatibility issues

Disadvantages of CSS Frameworks

  • Web Developers need to understand the architecture of the CSS Framework
  • CSS and XHTML go hand in hand, they need to be designed and constructed together. Using a CSS Framework passively removes a great majority of semantic value from the markup of a document.
  • A CSS Framework might be too much for your website that you are designing which results in bloated source code. A large percentage of that code that will never be executed.

Modern CSS Frameworks

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Foundation
  3. 960 Grid System
  4. Blueprint
  5. YUI
  6. jQuery UI
  7. Fluid 960 Grid System
  8. Gridless
  9. Formee
  10. Yet Another Multicolumn Layout (YAML)
  11. 52framework
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